This is a tiny game made for Mixtape Bitsy Jam

Enjoy the road and Jack Kerouac's words! 

Release date Aug 30, 2018
AuthorMarina Díez
Made withBitsy
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Nice game!

Thanks for making and sharing this

Thank you so much bee!!!! <3 

this is sooo good!!!! aah!! i love the whole concept and the execution is just *clenches fists* soooo good!!!! <3 <3 <3


Thank youuuuuuuu! I thought this was one of my shabbiest games but people seems to like it a lot! <3 thanks for playing, dear! 

its really good!!! ha ha <3

Me encanta la selección musical <3 <3 <3


Nice entry! Some nice tunes for a nice lil trip!

At some points you could..."go offroad" you might say. Were there any secret paths by any chance?

Thank you very much for your words! <3 

Yeah, there are *secret* paths. :3

I love the concept but I miss a mechanic, just a small one :D

Yeah, I agree with you! Thank you very much <3 

que chulada Marina :DDDDD

Gracias, bonita <3 

really cool how the music and the visuals work so well together


Thank you very much <3

Loved the little game and very cool tracks! Good musical taste!

Thank you very much!!!!! <3