What do you know about your origins? This is a game for the Archaeology Bitsy Jam 2018 about lost civilizations and roots. Thank you for playing! 

 *Some of the words in this game are taken from a hawaian dictionary.  

· Hawaian glossary

- Kokua: help

- Hula pua: "the dancer flower"

- Lani Kokua: "Heaven helper"

- Hola Poalima: "Friday hour" 

- Moku Ipo: "Island lover" 

- Moana Inoa: "Ocean name" 

- Himeni Ua: "Silent rain" 

- Kupuna Kane: grandfather

- Keiki: child 

- Kau wela wakea: "Summer sky" 


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this is really sad :'(  but really good <3


Thank you for comment <3 it's sad :( 

*colonialist guilt intensifies*