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Thank you for sharing something so personal and creating a Bitsy game out of it, Marina <3

this was a very good game/story. it was short and sweet, but it meant a lot. thank you. :)

Awww thank you for playing! <3 

This was a wonder. What I enjoyed most, hands down, was how real you were in this form of expression. It is an extremely sensitive and personal story to simply paste on the internet, however in this instance, you have already succeeded. Clearly the community loves the message this game carries, it is a true and awesome creation with heartfelt sincerity. Although it is not a large, FPS, run of the mill triple A title, this proves indie games are better. This game is not graphically smooth for most players,  yet it has the capacity to connect with players where the previously stated titles ultimately fail. I loved every minute of this game and remain content for your family's sake it had a happy ending. Please let your dad know how awesome he is! Your bond is special, best of luck on your next development!


WOW! Thank you very much!!!! I feel super super grateful because of your kind words & your gameplay. <3 I'm really happy . I don't know what to say, just that I'll keep making games with meaningful stories. Thank you very much!!!! <3 




this is so sweet! thank you for sharing 💖

Thank you! <3 

hey i really like this, thanks for sharing something so personal

Thank you very much <3